How to clean gasoline spill off your gas tank?

How to clean gasoline spill off your gas tank?

Have you ever spilled gasoline on your beloved motorcycle? This can cause an unsightly stain, and if left for a long time, it may damage sensitive parts of your bike.

In this easy 4-step tutorial we will help you learn how to clean your gas tank, how to remove gasoline stains, and keep it looking new longer.

How to clean gasoline spill off your gas tank?

To clean the outside of your gas tank, we recommend our product: Ultra One Heavy Duty degreaser. This product has a high concentration and is designed to break down and remove the gasoline stains accumulated on the fuel tank.

  1. Spray the Ultra One Heavy Duty directly on the gas tank that needs cleaning. Do not be afraid to spray on rubber, plastics, chrome and painted parts, there is no harm.

  2. Wait and let the Ultra One Heavy Duty soak into the gasoline stains (varies from 5 min to 20 minutes depending on the amount of grease and dirt and the duration of the buildup).

  3. Take a soft sponge and a bucket of fresh water brush and start scrubbing till it foams.

  4. Rinse with water and let dry. Repeat if necessary.

Did you know? All our products are made from natural ingredients. Safe to use without harming the environment, people or planet.

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