our story

Our story began in 2011 in a small garage, where we were restoring a classic car. We were in desperate need of good car products. Looking at the shelves of our local car shop, we knew it was time to find something else. There were products we used, but no products we loved. So we continued our search, and went looking abroad. That's when we came across the ultra one products in the US. Claimed to outperform the competition whilst being 100% natural, we had to try this out for ourselves. 

The results where just... mind-blowing. We couldn't believe what we saw. It was incredible to witness that these products worked like no one we ever tried before. And want to know the best part of it all? They are all 100% natural. Such great products had to be shared with the entire world. So we teamed up with them and started ultra one europe. That's when our journey began.

Driven by a commitment to make the world a cleaner place, we have developed plant-based cleaners that clean, degrease and deodorize all kind of surfaces.