what result to expect?

After treatment you should be able to rince away all dirt and grease with water using a sponge or brush. Some objects require a longer contact depending on the amount of dirt and grease present on the surface and the duration of the build up.

what are the properties?

ultra one products do not produce any VOC's (volatile organic compounds) but do have a slight mild odor. They are colorless. Ultra One Products are non-toxic, do not contain phosphates, do not produce vapours, are non-carcinogenic, are environmentally friendly, ecological and bio-degradable. Cleaning up any spills of this product requires nothing more than plain water.

how to use ultra one products?

Remove all excess dirt, oil mud, etc. Spray the Ultra One Product on the surface. Let it rest for a while ( between 5 min and 1 hour) then, with a sponge or a brush and plenty of water, rinse the dirt away. 

Methods of application:  ultra one products are so safe that you can use them virtually everywhere. 

Reaction with materials: ultra one products do not contain acids so do not harm most types of surface: rubber, plastic, glass, chrome, carpet, leather, textile, tiles,... and most paints. When using ultra one products on delicate surfaces like leather, tiles, stone,... always do a test clean on a small patch first. 

are these products sanitizers?

All ultra one products offer superior sanitizing power. For superior sanitizing power, let the product sit on the surface for 5 minutes before washing. 

what about safety?

As with any product no matter how safe, reasonable caution should always be exercised:

  • The product should be kept away from the eyes. In case of accidental contact, rinse out the eyes with plenty of water.
  • Skin is normally not affected by this product unless there are any open wounds. Protective gloves are nevertheless recommended.