our values

In a time where ‘planet-friendly’ and ‘organic’ are seen as exceptional rather than the standard, we plan to get it back to normal. Discover ultra one, a sustainable line of plant-based products for everyday use. 100% natural, giving mother nature a well deserved break.


✔️ 100% organic

Made with love, water, vegetable & mineral components and surfactant based on corn.

✔️ bio degradable

Respecting the environment.

✔️ cruelty free

Not tested on animals.

✔️ safe to use

They contain no acids, no phosphates, no caustic products, no volatile components.

✔️ recycled

Sustainable recycled bottle.

✔️ non-toxic

Create no fumes and are not flammable.

✔️ saves the world

Protects your planet, your children, your pets, your home. 

✔️ proven performance

Trying is adopting. Backed with a money-back guarantee.